Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

My kids picked me out gifts
(picture frames, candles, etc)
that are all "vintage pearl" colors,
isn't that cute???

We are heading here today for a day of fun!

Hope you all have a fabulous mother's day!


p.s. if you get something from tvp today we would love to see a picture!
please send it to


Secret Mommy said...

My hubby and boys just made me breakfast and gave me the most BEAUTIFUL necklace and earrings from The Vintage Pearl! My first jewelry from you! I love it! Square charms that say, "Henry," and "Eddie." I thanked them a bunch and now I've got to thank you! I love them!!!!! :) Happy Mother's Day!

Allen and Becky said...

I just got a necklace today from your shop! I actually cheated and bought it for but I didn't open the package when it came in the mail and instead gave it to my husband to wrap. I LOVE it! It has a tiny flower with a k on it for my daughter, a star with an e for my son, and a heart with a c for my daughter due in August.

Sarah said...

I sent my pic!! (let me know if you didn't get it) thanks a ton!!! -Sarah Ronk

Marla said...

My husband confessed today that he ordered the necklace I had hinted about, but he had neglected to notice the (rather large) "order by" I will be getting my nest necklace...ummm...sometime! :-) Hey, at least he GOT it!!

Kirsty said...

Sweet! Happy mother's day! Just stopped by because I love your shop! :D Gorgeous.