Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's dates (and a ModTots winner)

Instead of going out as a couple,
Ryan and I decided to split up with the kids
and take THEM out on dates for Valentine's Day.

So Ryan took the girls out to dinner and shopping,
and I took the boys out to a movie...

I'm so blessed,
I had TWO handsome Valentine dates this year :)

Oh, and the hat- Jonah wears it EVERYWHERE!
Isn't it cute?

* * *

The randomly picked winner of the $100 gift certificate to ModTots is:

Amy, who said: My son would love me forever if I got him the Jackhammer robot and I would love the owl for my daughter's room! So sweet! Thank you so much!

Please email ModTots at info@modernbirdstudios.com to get your gift certificate!

And for everyone else
ModTots is offering 10% off your purchase
(expires one week from today)
just use the code VINTAGEPEARL
when checking out!

* * *

p.s. Did you get something from tvp for Valentine's Day?
Send us a pic,
we'd love to see you with it on!


Celeste said...

What a fun v-day! :) and, congrats to Amy!

p.s. Jonah, looking mighty dapper in that hat ;)

rhea said...

that is such a great idea! i think that we might do that next year. with having 3 girls and 3 boys, no one will complain about it not being fair! happy valentine's day to tvp and for being so absolutely amazing!!!!!

Cozyflier said...

How fun! I thought about taking the kids out, but so much homework. Kev had to do 24 hours so after he gets a nap we will do a belated lunch today!
Congrats to Amy.
Kevin ordered the Key to my Heart necklace, I love it!!! Will send a pic! Thanks!

Amy said...

Wow, how is it that your boys look like identical twins separated by a couple of years? They sure belong together!

Amy said...

Hey, that Amy is ME!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I just sent them an email! So excited...couldn't have come on a better day! Totally lifted my spirits!
Your boys are stinking cute and mommy and daddy dates are such a good idea! I still remember my dad taking me on daddy dates when I was in grade school...all four of them will always remember things like this. xoxoxo

Amy said...

Oh and what did you think of the movie? Would it be appropriate for a nearly 4 year old?? I haven't talked to anyone whose seen it yet, so I'd be curious to see what you say! Thanks!