Wednesday, February 16, 2011

men make us smile :)

We love men shoppers at the store!
(which we have had a lot of this past week for Valentine's Day.)

They are very different from women shoppers.

They totally make us smile :)

It's so sweet to watch them walk around looking for the perfect gift...

On saturday one gentlemen was checking out with a custom order
and paid the rush fee to have it ready by monday
(Valentine's Day),
so one of our retail girls joked that he had waited til the last minute
and he proudly responded,
"last minute? I've still got 2 days!"



Ashley Ann said...

That jut made me smile! Guys are so funny and very different shoppers from us ladies!

AtOneWithHim said...

men ARE funny!
Darby at received sausage and cheese from her husband...but they were able to laugh about it!

Cozyflier said...

Yes, men are so totally different in shopping, but that is probably why we love them so much!

Hey, I tagged you in my photo on fb, wasn't sure how to get photo to you on blog!

Shorty said...

I'm not surprised. LOL Cute.

Jennifer Kistler said...

"last minute? I've still got 2 days!"

LOL! That is so funny. :-) I have found men to be great to deal with when they buy gifts from my shop on Etsy. It sounds like you have the same experience in your store.