Saturday, February 5, 2011

snow. snow. and more snow.

So did you hear that it snowed a little bit?

Monday night/tuesday we got about a foot of snow,
and then yesterday's predicted "flurries" turned into 4"-6"...
so we have had about 16" of snowfall this week.
It's an all time record for Tulsa! *sigh*

Usually we get one good snow of a few inches or so a year...

Tulsa basically CLOSED for a few days :)

Yesterday was our 11 year anniversary!
Our babysitter was able to make it over
(thank you Hannah!)
so Ryan and I ventured out,
praying we didn't get stuck or slide into anyone.

Half of Tulsa is still CLOSED.
We tried to see a movie but the heater in the theater was out.
So we ate dinner
(we found an open restaurant!)
and then went to a mall,
but only about 5 stores in the entire mall were open.
We ended up having pie and coffee and a long chat at Village Inn,
which was very relaxing
and we caught up on a few things :)

There were some stuck cars and trucks,
several ambulances and fire trucks were out rescuing,
we gave rides to 3 people that were walking,
and Ryan helped push out a car that was stuck in the snow.

Then we walked through Target to grab a few things,
they were out of most neccessities
(like bread and milk, I think all of Tulsa is OUT,
thankfully I stocked up before the snow hit)
but we WERE able to grab the last 2 boxes of hot chocolate
and a bag of marshmallows (score).

The kids have been home all week,
and we have watched movies,
and cracked up watching America's Funniest Videos (a family fave),
and finished puzzles and baked and played games...

the kids spend 10 minutes getting dressed in warm clothes
to play outside for about 10 minutes...
then come in and warm up in the bathtub.

Our washing machine broke this week,

but no one can get to us until at least monday,
and we are running out of undies and towels...
we may be hitting the laundromat this weekend
(if we can find one that is open).

I've been dring LOTS of coffee,
and we discovered that Eden likes to lick her pop tarts.

More snow is predicted for sunday and wednesday!
(I hope they're wrong.)

* * *

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* * *

stay warm!


Elie said...

Cute pics. Well when it snows, it blizzards. hehe.

I am still loving the snow-but I wouldn't argue with spring either.

mom2marbles said...

WOW! very brave to go out in the weather but so glad you had a good time! I LOVE app! going to look you up!! have a great weekend and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time with your family! I live in WI and earlier this winter we got 23 inches of snow in a few days, but we're more used to it up here than you probably are in Tulsa! Have fun!

Erin said...

I know!!! (I'm from Tulsa too). We are going on our first outing today. I've been stuck in the house since Monday. This snow is unbelievable.

My daughter (3 years) has been like a cabin fever tornado ripping all through the house like crazy! I need to think of some fun things to keep her occupied.

Amy said...

Happy late Anniversary! I hope you had fun...enjoy the snow!

Our Beautiful Life said...

every great date ends with a stroll through Target! keep warm and please send a cute kiddo out to make a snow angel for me :)

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

Wow! That is just unreal...I can't imagine getting that much snow so quick. Hang in there!

Cozyflier said...

Happy Anniversary! We've been married 25 1/2 years, have a few on you! Never fails that the washer or dryer breaks during a blizzard. We are expecting the same system on Monday and Wed but awoke to MAJOR fluries this morning!

Enjoy and hope you thaw out!


Jean said...

Wow. So much snow. You did a great job of making the most of it all though.

Sarah-Anne said...

eastern NC got 7+ inches, and if it wasn't for the fact that it was over X-mas break, the city would've SHUT DOWN. i'm sure of it... ;)

Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Hi from New Zealand. I have four wonderful children and recently got one of your necklaces for my b'day along with a gift certificate to use for Christmas - but oh the decisions! After reading your blog I have to say that America's Funniest Video's is a fav in our house too - always gets the youngest ones through bath/shower quickly so they are able to see the show. I live in Dunedin which is towards the bottom of the South Island and we sometimes have snow days in our winter. Alas no snow days last year and my kids were saying they hope we have some this year - on a day when it was about 85F outside - way warmer that what we are used to. Love the blog (and your jewellery). Cath