Friday, September 10, 2010

a mega milestone.

jonah, age 7
Jonah (age 7 1/2) finally lost his first tooth after football practice last night!

This is a BIG deal,
I think he's the last one in his 2nd grade class to lose a tooth
and he's been wiggling his teeth
in hopes of finding a loose one for months!

The tooth fairy left him $4,
he's stoked :)


Tomorrow we have a saturday full of 2 soccer games
(Jonah and Tessa- I'm Tessa's coach),
and 2 football games- Caleb plays in one (he's the quarterback!) and Ryan is his coach,
and the other game Jonah plays in (he's a running back!)
while Tessa cheers!

A busy day but we love it!

Sundays we try to spend together as a family,
but we also have some last minute stuff for the store to do
(opening in one week! ACK!)


What are your weekend plans?
Anything fun?


Katherine said...

My 4 year old is playing in his second flag football game. He is so stinkin' cute!!! :)

Vic said...

he's kids are lucky to get a dollar! they think it's a million!:) they say the longer they're in the healthier:) enjoy the weekend

Lindsay said...

YAY to Jonah! How exciting!!

ChRiS said...

oh how i love those memories when my boys played sports....kept me so busy i loved it

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'll bet he's so glad. What a cutie! My oldest son didn't lose his until about that age. I remember him coming home from school and his class had been told to write a little story about losing their first tooth. He was heartbroken because he hadn't lost one yet and didn't know what to write :-)

Hair Candy said...

going to the OU game for tomorrow for our anniversary:)

KaitlinCole said...

My baby is 15 months old and getting 8 teeth now (night time is a riot here at our house) and I keep thinking "He is going to lose these before I know it".... I need to work on this emotional thing stat before he can understand that I like to cry about EVERYTHING!

Alison Graham said...

tell Jonah he's not the only late-tooth-loser. i didn't loose my first tooth until 2nd grade either and ALL my classmates got to sign a big tooth (made out of posterboard) in our Gr. 1 class....well, everyone except me....(nope, not still wounded at all! hahaha). thankfully, the teacher let me return one day to sign the tooth, even though I wasn't a first grader anymore. :-)

ricebabies said...

Aww, to be the last of something in school.

My son has a fear of loosing his tooth, he doesnt like toothfairy stories. He hopes he keeps them all. ha ha

Carly said...

We are going to my sister-in-law's block party (including games, bike riding for the kids, bonfires with s'mores) on Saturday and to preschool open house on Sunday. My 4 year old daughter can't wait to start back to school and see all her friends. We hope to make it to a rainforest rhythms presentation by a visiting zoomobile also - sounds like fun for my 15 month old too!

Bridget said...

Cute! My oldest is losing molars now and it freaks me out. He put his mouth guard in for football and lost a tooth. Yikes. I'm running a half marathon (my 5th one) tomorrow with friends, watching some football on tv, and then watching my oldest play football on Sunday afternoon. Busy weekend but fun!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

I love when my days are full of sports and kids. It is exhausting but at the end of the day I feel so good being a part of it all.

Congrats to Jonah on the tooth!

Deanna Jane (cullenkidsmum) said...

My second grader has lost a total of 8 teeth. She was way ahead of her school friends.

Maria said...

My best friend of 7 years is getting married tomorrow, and it's my first experience as a bridesmaid!

Have fun with all the kids' activities!

Celeste said...

Jonah! Woohoo! (very. exciting.)
I remember losing my first tooth -- I was in first grade - and I lost my first tooth the day before halloween - so my mom took picutres of me holding a jack-o-lantern (since my smile looked a little jack-o-lantern-ish) ;)

...hoping to coax some cooler, autumn weather this weekend by baking pumpkin bread and decorating for fall ;) -- why oh why are we still having temps in teh 100's??

Anonymous said...

My Caleb is playing football after YEARS of soccer - and he's the running back - next week is our first game - nothing today! Whew! However, we have tons of football and soccer during the week!

I hope it was a win-win day!

christa @ enSTYLEpedia said...

oh I bet he was so excited!! Finally! That would be so hard having all your friends losing their teeth and you haven't lost any. :(
My daughter was opposite, I think she was one of the first to loose a tooth. Count yourself luck though, her mouth is too small for all the adult teeth she has coming in (she's 6) that they're going to pull some YIKES! Congrats to your little boy!

Amy K said...

How exciting! Wow, the tooth fairy that visits in your area is very generous!

little bird vintage designs said...

That is so old, I would think, to lose a first tooth--said by me, a mother of all children under 4... Very exciting :)