Friday, January 15, 2010

a winner & free charm friday!

The randomly picked winner is:

who said: i love, love, love my husband & little boy, owen! hooooorray for loving!

email me Erica!


It's free charm friday!

With any purchase from the website today you can leave the comment "FREE CHARM" in the extra notes box today and get a free initial charm with any initial or design stamp (please specify)!

Have a FAB friday!

(ps- more fun on monday!!!)


Will and Kathryn said...

i don't know where the extra note box is! :(

{Kimber} said...

congrats to Erica!!!
love how you "displayed" the winner :)

Celeste said...

Woohoo Erica!! :)

Miranda said...

Yay! I was going to order a necklace today anyway, and now a free charm! You guys rock! :)

Dear Matt said...

Congrats Erica! Lucky girl!

Erica said...

Oh my! I have never won anything!! This is so exciting! & to have it be one of your necklaces.... that is even better!!

Summers Camp said...

I just have to tell you how excited I am about your charms!!! I've been moaning and groaning for months (just ask my husband!) while my wish list has grown longer and longer - but alas, money is quite tight... and now you've allowed me to make a small dent in that list. Thanks much :) And happy Friday to you, too! *B

Allison said...

I love the heart and star the most!!

Gillian said...

hi just wanted to say i absolutely love your blog and the are yet another shinning little star i have recently discovered in my new found land of the blog world! I am constantly amazed and inspired Thankyou x