Wednesday, June 1, 2011

working from home.

Tessa's feeling under the weather today,
so we are home, watching Tinkerbell movies and playing with playdough.
Tonight we are having Caleb's baseball team over for an end of the season ice cream party, fun!

We've had a great response to our new Father's Day items
(thank you!),
so I'm sneaking in some riveting of our new keychains from home as well!

Be sure to enter the giveaway below!

Happy wednesday!


Lacy Wycoff said...

If you ever need some extra hands I'd love to help! I make tutus and bows from home but sometimes it takes up too much space and my babies mess up my work! It would be fun to have something small enough to do at the table!

Have fun! Your jewelry is amazing:)

Denise said...

Hope she feels better soon!

Sarah-Anne said...

working from home is the best, no?

Lisa M Griffin said...

Working from home and juggling a sick little peanut is tough. Been there myself, many a time. Good luck & hope she feels better soon. :)