Friday, April 29, 2011

money saving queen.

Five years ago Sarah had a son with life threatening food allergies causing her family to spiral into a financial crisis.

Today, she is an award-winning blogger, radio & television celebrity, speaker and author.

And she has listed her tvp necklace as one of her favorite things in a recent article :)

It's amazing how Sarah,
aka money saving queen,
took something that was an obstacle in her life
and has turned it into a career and a way to help others.

Very inspiring!


chinamommy said...

Wow, right up there with her iphone!! Congratulations. I'm off to check her site, thanks for sharing :)

Yogi said...

Erin -

Good morning. I so needed this post today. I am about to embark on a venture that could be life changing and it was reassuring to know that success is possible.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

She wears it so her kids will be close to her heart -- this made me cry a little. :)