Monday, April 25, 2011

lil vintage angel.

A simple angel-
resembling mommy's little angels,
a guardian angel, watching over us or a loved one,
or a sweet remembrance piece,
to hold close the little one we will always love in our hearts.

lil vintage angel

The little angel is hand-molded out of fine silver
(each one is totally unique)
and can have up to 3 letters stamped across her skirt.
She is antiqued to a dark rustic finish,
and hung on a sterling chain with a freshwater pearl.

You can find this necklace here.

* * *

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!


Linds said...

I LOVE this necklace! My great grandma passed away last August, and I had the chance to spend her final hours with her. I will be getting one of these with her initials on it. :)

Morgan Paige said...

so sweet

Nicole said...

I have been looking for just the right gift for our daycare provider. This is just perfect. I consider her an angel for watching over my kids while I could not be with them! Thanks!

Jamilyn said...

what an amazing necklace!!! So excited to order one for my 2 little angels that I lost. Ive been looking for the perfect thing to get and this is def it!

Marcie said...

Love this necklace! It's one of my new favorites!