Thursday, April 7, 2011

gift wrap.

We now have gift wrap available when you check out-
your piece is carefully placed inside one of our little organza bags,
then the bag goes inside the box,
with a turquoise ribbon, a sweet little pearl,
(we are the vintage PEARL, after all!)
and a gift note.

And since we will ship direct to your recipient,
it doesn't get any easier to send someone a gift!

* * *

I'm in Phoenix for a couple of days for Creative Estates,
I'm really excited to hang out with some blog friends,
meet some new bloggers,
and even some old eBay friends from way back
(when tvp first began)
will be here!

I always get stopped by airport security,
usually for liquids I missed, (once it was mascara)
or maybe I just look like a trouble maker?
But today I had a pair of large scissors in my purse.
Security was not amused.

Ryan found a giant bead store here for me to shop (yay!),
so I'm heading there this afternoon,
I hope there's room in my suitcase ;)


the dwellers said...

Phoenix fun stops...

La Grande Orange for pizza and caesar salad and cupcakes

Smeeks for cute boxes of treats to take home for kids

Have a great trip :)

Cozyflier said...

I normally don't fly commercial since we have a homebuilt airplane! When we went to HA for our 20th anniversary I missed one of those multi tool scissors/tools! I know how you feel!

If you are a busy Mom your purse is always prepared!

Have fun in Phoenix :-)

PS, I love new necklace that I won! Thanks a million!!!

Cozyflier said...

P.P.S. The gift box is adorable!!

Sarah-Anne said...

haha, that's too funny about the scissors!! can't imagine you were in the good graces of the guards that day... ;)

Gabriela said...

Oh my goodness what lovely wrapping! How absolutely elegant! And just in time for the order I placed last week for the 4-pearl nest 16-inch necklace! My mother is going to love it!

cbk said...

Ordered a gift in February and got the gift box - the coffee necklace was a big hit, but the gift wrapping almost stole the show!