Friday, April 15, 2011

a date with my dad.

Yesterday my Dad took me golfing,
my first time in years.

I'm not a golfer-
(can you tell by my flip flops?)
I had to borrow clubs (thanks Lydia!),
but I had a great time hanging out with my Dad,
and I now have this extreme desire to head to the driving range!

After golf we went to lunch
and the waitress spotted my necklace and asked
if it was from The Vintage Pearl,
(I was wearing this one)
and I said yes,
and then my Dad blurts out "she's the OWNER!"
(embarrassing! and totally something Ryan would do.)

Thanks for a fun afternoon Dad :)

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Anonymous said...

I would be an embarassment to are VERY popular in Utah! I get that question alot!

Deborah said...

Your Dad sounds like a great guy! That was cute!
I'll go over and vote!!
Have a nice weekend~

erin said...

Tammy, that is great, thank you!

Deborah, he is the BEST :)

Sarah said...

Just voted ... hope you win! :)

Celeste said...
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Sarah-Anne said...

ha, love it! i have a certain friend from CBS and she wears her tvp necklace all the time.

moonsword said...

You are an awesome Mom/Designer/Blogger/Girl About Town! Happy to vote for you...cheers!