Monday, February 28, 2011

we're home.

We had a great time at Disneyworld this past weekend :)

The original plan was to take Jonah down to Dallas and go to 6 Flags on saturday for his birthday. Then we found out that 6 Flags hasn't officially opened yet. We already had the Disney World tickets (we saved up and purchased the fam 10 day passes last year) and we fly free (saved up airline miles with Southwest), and Ryan always finds amazing deals on lodging and car, so away we went!

We went to the Outta Control dinner show again
(it's become a tradition)
and Ryan got to help out with a couple of tricks
(love the wig?)
and he also got called up during the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios!

We took Jonah's cousin (and best friend) with us and it was fun to watch him experience some of the rides for the first time- and it made Ryan and I excited for Eden's first times in a couple of years :)

Ryan has a friend from college that works for Sea World,
and he walked us into the park for free on sunday (thanks Matt!),
we had about 5 hours to ride and watch shows before catching the plane ride home.

Vacations are so good for us
and needed
because we are together
and we have to play,
no work :)

* * *

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram
you may have seen a sneak peek I posted,
we have some fun stuff that will be
added to the site this week!


Rani said...

What a wonderful trip! Just came across your site via a photo site!! I'm saving up for one of your beautiful necklaces, but in all honesty, they are very well priced!!! Thanks for your beautiful work!

Cozyflier said...

Great trip! Wondered if the special trip would be there! We are going in 13 days for AJ's 12th birthday! So excited!!!

Julia D. Photography said...

Did you see the Disney Princess Half Marathon going on? I was there running! :)