Friday, February 18, 2011

t.g.i.f. (3 day weekend!)

The morning started off not so great-
a local ad printed off color in the paper this morning
(any Tulsa friends see it?)
and it was a bit frustrating
(they're not cheap)
but we're working it out :)

The rest of the day went great-
an early morning workout,
(eliptical for an hour)
followed by an early advertising meeting,
(nice to meet you Erica!)
worked on some new designs
(something for the BOYS is on the way!),
ordered something FUN
(can't wait to show it!),
had a meeting with tvp managers
(who are AMAZING, by the way),
chatted with an old friend
(thanks for stopping by Jordan!),
locked my keys and my purse in my office
(UGH! thanks for bailing me out Ryan!),
picked up happy kids from school
(can you say 3 DAY WEEKEND?)
and now ordering pizza for the kids and getting ready for DATE NIGHT
(yay! thanks Michaela!)

How's your friday going?


Sarah-Anne said...

fun stuff, erin! can't wait to see pics from your awesome weekend. (hint, hint) ;)

JM PhotoArt said...

Sounds like a crazy, but amazing day! Can't wait to see all of the things you're working on :) P.S. Enjoy your hot date night!