Friday, January 21, 2011

snow days =

lazy mornings,
waffles for breakfast,
Mario Kart races
(I lose 90% of the time to my 9 and 7 year olds,
I try to be a good sport about it,
but it's pretty annoying),
playing in the snow and then warming back up with
hot chocolate,
(netflix through the wii!),
a game of monopoly
(we have the digital banking one with credit cards,
makes it a little more fun),
and of course flag tag...

Sorry for the bad picture,
all I had to grab nearby was my phone and we were running,
but you can see Eden grabbed Tessa's flags
(even though they were both on the same yellow team).

Eden loved flag tag.

She would grab one of our flags
and then run off yelling
"I got your seatbelt!"


What do you do on snow days???


Tammy said...

Sounds great!

Lately every day has been snow day here in Michigan. :-)

The Household 6 Diva said...

we play with snow in the bathtub! ;)

Anonymous said...

I lose 100% of the time to my 13, 8 AND 6 year olds in Mario Kart so don't feel bad. Running an entire course without heading the wrong way is an achievement for me, lol.

Flag tag looks fun!! Although you are brave to do it inside. :)

Anonymous said...

Watch movies, do fun projects, drink hot chocolate (or coffee if I need to stay awake) take naps and just soak up the quality time with the family! Today it's 20 below zero, but we braved the cold and went to work and daycare :-(

Enjoy your snowday!

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

That sounds like pure bliss :)

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

i catch up on blogs, bravo tv and snuggle on the couch with my pups and my husband if he is lucky enough to be off work too! :) have a good snowed-in day!

All That Jazz said...

Oh what fun, I want a snow day!! ;-) That mug of cocoa looks yummy! I have been hoping for one, but we've got nothing but rain on the horizon.
I am wearing my VP necklace it with the Italian quote "life is beautiful/la vita e bella" I had stamped on it! ;-)

Celeste said...

Sounds fabulous .... I am jealous! We don't have Snow Days here in FL ... the closest we come to them are Hurricane Days. lol!

Cozyflier said...

Erin, count your blessings that you can enjoy your snow day with your little ones. Sounds like what I use to do when I had little ones at home and we would have a snow day!

Mine are grown/in middle school and Lubbock hasn't had any snow this winter! We've just had COLD and WIND!

Stay warm my friend.


Hope said...

No snow days for us, I'm a so cal girl, but I do love me hot coco. And dang on your codes. I need to order some stuff and keep missing the time frame. I'll keep watching.

charlsie said...

Snow day? What's that? We don't have that here in Texas! :) Sounds nice - glad you had a great day with your kids!
And... I just got my vintage bloom necklace in the mail yesterday - LOVE IT!