Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Last night we went to an ORU basketball game.
Ryan and I are both ORU alums (it's where we met!) and still enjoy the games,
and the kids love the excitement and the concessions stands
(especially the dippin' dots!)
Ryan's boss is out of town and let us use his "suite" last night
(thank you Mr. Rick!)
and we invited some friends- extra fun!

Eden, who is usually afraid of loud noises, started dancing to the band, cheering with the cheerleaders, and kept us aware of "Eli the Eagle" (ORU's mascot) sightings :)


Cozyflier said...

Sounds like a great family night! Never made a basketball game there, but I did see Neil Diamond there :-) I use to drive by ORU all the time! I miss Tulsa town, but Lubbock reminds me of Tulsa - the streets are laid out N-S and alphabetically!

Happy New Year!

Celeste said...

Fun! I still remember the FSU football game I went to... these memories really do stick with you - and how special that Ryan & you have special memories from ORU & now your kids are building some ORU memories too ;)

MomBrose said...

How fun! My husband is an ORU alum too!! (Class of 1998). He has fond memories of that area too :D

Trish said...

How did I not know you are an ORU alum. My husband and I met there too...many years ago. My son is hoping to start there as a freshman in the fall. I saw on Groupon yesterday that you could get some sort of season pass to all the rest of the home games for only 410. We live over in Siloam Springs, AR, about an hour away. But I was tempted :-)

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

erin, one of my best friends (from the 2nd grade) is an ORU alum and her dad is on the board. :) she'll be thrilled to know you are too!

enjoy your trip!

Aimee said...

I remember ORU Basketball games well. When I was there (96-98), Eli, the Chick-Fil-A Cow and a Chicken would race at either half time or during breaks. And there was also the airline ticket give-away thing they did.

Oh, O-R-U
Oh, O-R-U
Oh, O-R-University....