Wednesday, December 8, 2010

big cheese.

Eden sees me get my camera out.

She sits down and says,
"Mommy, take my picture."


I flip on my camera, point it at her and tell her to smile.

And this is what I get:


Thanks Eden :)


MoonRae said...

~Gorgeous~ heehee

Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

lol, my daughter does the same thing and she's 5.

Celeste said...

yep... that would be the classic, kid "cheese face." ;) love it.

Shorty said...

A grin after my own heart. Thanks for the laugh today. She's adorable.

AF wifey said...

That is adorable! I wish my cats were like her... I take my camera andpoint it at them and they all turn their heads... so frustrating!

Lindsay said...

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