Friday, November 5, 2010

road trip to tvp

I received an email from
maybe our most dedicated customer Robyn,
who has driven up from Texas TWICE to come shop at the store!

(81st and Lewis, next to Zio's, Tulsa, OK)

From Robyn:

My coworker and I had this trip planned for over a month to go to Sapulpa. I read your blog every few days/follow you on Twitter/FB and realized that your shop was going to be open. Since we would already be so close to it, I figured, what the heck, let's drop by! It was amazing and absolutely beautiful. We must have the same taste in colors that's for sure!

We left that morning at 5:30 and drove straight through to Sapulpa and it was between 11-12 when we finally got to TVP store. I didn't take my camera, but I wish I had! That was our first trip (9/25/10).

My second trip was with Jason (on 10/9/10)...

... and we left at noon and drove straight through again, arriving close to 6pm.

I got the "lovebirds" necklace and I am using my husbands name charm for it, although I need to place an order for my name.

We also got a Christmas gift for his sister. It meant a lot to us that you came out with an "I Love You" sign necklace, our niece is deaf (among other disabilities, she wasn't supposed to live past 15 and she is now 19) and we figured this would be the perfect gift for Jason's sister. So she will be receiving the necklace, along with the charm for her daughters name, Andrea.

I picked up a shirt that is the same as the necklace for me as well, we sign I love you to each other at home all the time.

(our I love you tees, available in store and will also be available online soon!)

Both times we were there, your employees were extremely helpful, pleasant, and very shocked that we had driven all the way from DFW to come to your shop. They all asked if we had some where else to go after we left but the only reason we were there was to visit your shop!

You pieces are gorgeous and unique, and I will be back (if not to your brick & mortar store, then to the website) to buy again as we grow our family and for unique gifts. I always make sure to tell people about your site if they are looking for a gift of some kind, and let them know what great customer service I have received. I also told my cousin to come by there when they are in Tulsa (she lives in Oklahoma City)!

Thank you so much Robyn!
I am so flattered that you would drive up from Dallas TWICE!
So glad you enjoyed your trips and
we will be sending you a thank you gift soon!

If you have a fun tvp story or picture
please hare it with us,
if we share it on the blog then we will send you
a thank you gift!

* * *

In honor of Robyn's trip, any orders placed today,
please type "ROAD TRIP" in the extra notes box
and get an "I love you" charm with your order!


Jean said...

Great story. What a loyal fan.

Robyn said...

Thank you for doing this piece on our trip Erin! Your store is fantastic (as well as the staff) and I have been telling everyone about your pieces. I can't wait to order again! Thank you again Erin!!!

nicole said...

Robyn is absolutely right about service. I haven't been to the store, but y'all recently extended a great offer to me. I thought I had lost my circle of love bracelet because it had fallen off a couple of times already. A couple of links aren't closed tight. Y'all offered to replace it for me, even though I should have stopped wearing it until it was repaired. Thankfully I found it and my husband is hoping to fix it, but I was blown away by your willingness to replace it. So friendly and accessible. I love the Vintage Pearl! Your work is on my wish list every gift-giving occasion.

Blondie said...

Great story! Your jewels are adorable! Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

Celeste said...

Wow! Robyn - this is so sweet to read. And, Erin - it must make you feel so special to know that TVP is so loved!

Southern GFCF said...

I would love to order the necklace in the t-shirt photo for a friend for Chanukah. Can you tell me if it is available?


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a wonderful story. I wish I could visit.

Cozyflier said...

Sweet story. Erin, you are so kind and generous. When I get back to OK, I will plan to visit my old stompin grounds of Tulsa and visit this unique shop! I'm now out in W Texas!

Family of 4.... said...

I have a story of how much your necklace that I ordered has touched our family. I ordered the necklace with our adopted daughter's names in a circle and a pearl in the middle. Our girls are adopted foster to adopt and are 6 & almost 9. They were 4 & 6 when they came home.

Last year I saw on Nienie's blog, your website and ordered a necklace for myself (without telling my girls) for my birthday. Hubby is usually good about getting a nice gift, but I decided to make it easy for him, LOL.

The girls loved my necklace. We had just finalized their adoption 3 mos earlier and so promoting more attachment and bonding is always good. The first time they saw it, 8 yr old said, "Mommy it has our names on it! You are wearing OUR names mommy???" I told her I was and each girl touched their names and looked at my necklace throughout the day. Each time I wear it now, they get a smile on their faces. 8 yr old told me the last time I wore it, "Mommy you are wearing us close to your heart because we were born in your heart, right?" I had some tears when she said that.

I also ordered a necklace the same as mine, for a friend of mine who is also an adoptive mama and has been such a great support to our family. She wears hers a lot as well.

This necklace of mine has made my daughters feel closer to me and to know that I care deeply enough to wear their names next to my heart. I love my necklace and wear it a lot.

Thanks Erin, love your jewelry! We have a new adoptive mom who is adopting a 7 yr old daughter and is on her first initial visits with her. We may need to order the adoption ribbon for her. Or a necklace like ours. :-)


Frances said...

I just have to tell you. Yesterday I got an envelope in the mail and as my hubby asked me if I was expecting something as he handed me the envelope I got really excited. I wasn't expecting it be arrive so quickly. So of course I tore open the envelope and pulled out the contents. 2 wrist cuffs with missionary scriptures for the 2 missionaries in my family and a beautiful mother of pearl necklace for my mother in law for christmas. I was so excited, beacause now I think they might get to Argentina and Portugal on time! I can't wait to wrap up the packages and send them off... The pieces are so beautiful! Thank you so much for creating such unique and inspiring gifts. I will be back soon, and hopefully for me too!

Jessica said...

just found your site! LOVE IT!!!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage lovebirds necklace! absolutely gorgeous!!!!

if you ever need/want to do any bartering of a product for some photography. . .please don't hesitate to ask me!!!!!!

goregeous stuff..and love that shirt you are wearing!!!