Friday, November 26, 2010

relaxing and the beach.

This morning Ryan, my dad and brother Tad went golfing,
and the rest of us relaxed around the house-
we rented a 5 bedroom house we could all stay in together
with a heated pool and game room complete with a pool table,
foosball and a basketball goal, so there's lots to do,
(can you believe it costs less than a hotel?
Ryan finds the most amazing deals!)
then headed for Cocoa Beach in the afternoon.

It was beautiful at sunset.


Tessa was really catching some waves!


I thought it would be too cold for the kids to get in
so I didn't take their swimsuits.
Obviously I was wrong :)

Eden was not impressed with the ocean.

Ryan put her feet in the water
and she just ran away.

Instead she built sand castles with cousin Andrew :)

As always,
we stopped at Ron Jon's Surf Shop for a souvenir,
it's a tradition.
I got a new coffee mug :)

Tomorrow we are heading to Disney!


Jensamom23 said...

Looks like fun!

La said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I love that area of Florida. I have family in Fort Pierce, which is just south of Cocoa Beach.

If you get to Vero Beach, eat at the Oceanside Grill. They have wonderful food at reasonable prices and the view is amazing! I was there in October and the Halloween decorations were out of this world. I can only imagine how it looks now.

Have fun at Disney and have a safe trip home. La

SugarFreeSweety said...

Love the beach, Love Ron Johns! LOVE the photographs. You are so talented. Something my aunt taught me is: ALWAYS pack your swim suits! I do it no matter where I'm traveling because you never want to be caught without one.

Geraldine said...

I went to RON JON'S and the beach this summer! This post makes me completely jealous! Hope you guys are having an awesome time!

xoxo Geraldine

Mama K said...

Beautiful pics!! (as always) Hope y'all have fun in Disney! :)

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Beautiful photos! Have a great time in Disneyland.

Celeste said...

fun!! Cocoa is our fave beach :) taking a family photo there for our Christmas cards next week ... have fun at Disney!! I could honestly go there everyday and it wouldn't get old.

Dena said...

OMG, I can't believe they're swimming. That water is freezing!

love said...

fun! go, tessa! [but, i'm with eden!] =)