Wednesday, November 3, 2010

emily {guest post}

Emily is one of the many amazing women I have "met" through blogging.
I love her blog, she is very fun, I've laughed out loud while reading her blog on many occasions! And she is very inspiring.
With November being National Adoption month I wanted to share Emily with you!

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Well hello there :)

I'm Emily, and I write about my chaotic and oh so loud life, over at the Anderson Crew blog. Mr. Anderson and I have 4 small children---soon to be 5! I'm really thrilled to be over here at The Vintage Pearl today...when Erin asked me if I would write up a little something, I was excited...but then proceeded to get major writers' block. What would I write about? I like to do guest posts, but only when I've been instructed on what to write. Erin just told me to "write about whatever"...ack! The pressure!

I decided to venture down the road of what is most pressing on my heart these days...and that would most definitely be adoption. Our 5th little is coming to us, all the way from Ethiopia.

We have a court date at the end of the year, and then she should be home with us by February. Some would say that we are crazy...adopting a fifth child, when we already have 4 kids, under the age of 6. I would agree. But I would also have to say that we are doing what God has told us to do. Adoption has always been on my heart, but when our last son was about 4 months old, a fire, that has been suppressed for a while, started burning brightly. It was crazy for us to move forward with adoption...but we knew it was right for us. We knew that it was the path that God had for our growing family. So, with a 5 year old, 4 year old, 2 year old and 4 month old we proceeded with the adoption process and filled out the paperwork. In just a few short months, we had a referral. And now we wait (patiently) for her to come home.


Adoption is not the only answer to the orphan crisis. But it does help. It's most definitely not an easy road to walk, but I know it'll be one that is completely worth it.

November is National Adoption Month...if nothing else, I encourage you to think about those children out there that are orphaned (not just in Ethiopia, but everywhere...including your city).
Is there something you could do, to help one (or many) of them?
This is a great post I found, listing so many ways you can help...check it out...maybe there is something on that list that is calling your name.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about what's on my heart.
I write 5 days a week, about keepin' it real as a mom, over in my part of the world wide web. I like to throw a little (or a lot) of humor in there too.


Check us out, if you'd like :)

Thanks for having me, Erin!

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In support of National Adoption month,
TVP has created a
white adoption ribbon necklace

(just ask for WHITE in the notes box!)
our "a Heart for Africa" necklace
(the little heart can be stamped over any country you wish!)

30% of each adoption necklace sold TODAY
will go to help Emily's family with their adoption fund!

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Thanks for sharing your journey and your heart with us Emily!


k. davis said...

we're in the process of adopting from Ukraine!! What a wonderful post! I was wondering if it would be possible to order a necklace like the "heart for Africa", but with Ukraine as the country?

Darla said...

I would love to visit Emily's blog...but the links provided go to "address not found"...what is the addy of her blog? Thanks!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love her and i can't wait to check out her blog...thanks for sharing!
BTW, amazing family pics!

erin said...

darla, links are fixed, sorry about that!

Celeste said...

oh how I love Emily - and her "crew"! She is fab.u.lous.
(I've actually seen her at Target a few times, seems like a "celebrity siting" lol!)

I so admire their journey toward adoption!

Ashley said...

What a sweet story! I work for an adoption agency, and I love reading adoptive families' sweet stories about their adoptions!

Robyn said...

Thank you for supporting adoption. As an adopted person, this is very close to my heart. I was adopted from the US, at 15 days old. I know nothing about my birth family (except a few medical tidbits), and for now I don't plan to find out. But I am only 29, and that may change one day. :)

Caleb and Jessica said...

I'm so happy I found this post today. Actually heard about your site through my sister in law who is a missionary in Africa. I put the necklace on my wish list, but think I'll buy it today to have money go towards Emily.
My family and I are hoping to adopt someday soon and I just posted about adoption awareness month! It's so fun connecting with people with the same heart.
I was also wanting to feature you...specifically the Africa necklaces on my blog.

Shorty said...

PRECIOUS! Adopting is so special! It can be difficult and even stressful at times, but to help someone in this way is a major blessing. My parents adopted my little brother. It's obvious he is very different than the rest of us, but we did a good thing for him, and now he has a family. Emily's kids are adorable! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Erin, thanks for sharing your story of how our timing doesn't always equate to the perfect timing of Christ. I was reminded today by a sweet friend that as long as I go about doing His bidding, He will supply my needs. Same goes for you. :) Praying for your sweet girl.

Teri said...

Do you have Japan and the US?

Anonymous said...

i've seen guest posts, but this one touched me. there are many children in the world that needs a home and it's nice to know that they're open to helping a child out in need. they're providing and loving. i'm definitely going to check her site out!

The Falkers said...

We are currently trying to adopt - been through some serious ups and downs. It has been particularly hard lately and we have thought about stopping our journey all together. This post was kind of an answer to's amazing how God reaches us. Thanks!

Angie said...

what an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing with us:)


nancy l. said...

Sweet post!! We adopted our oldest son (who is now 17) domestically when he was 5 months old. I grew up with 2 adopted siblings and it just seems like a normal part of life to me. I can't imagine my life without our son. He's every bit as much mine as our two birth sons that followed him. We have a great network of fellow adoptive parents, most of us with special needs kids. It is truely a calling and a blessing to adopt.

Penelope said...

Such a great story! We adopted our son through foster care and are celebrating adoption this month with an Adoption Blog Hop plus giveaways.

Julie said...

Thanks for featuring this! I am an adoptive mommy to three, waiting for number four. Spreading positive adoption news is definitely needed when the press only talks about the very rare negative cases.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE this!

Good luck getting your little girl home Emily! :)

Love the necklaces! I met someone who I think would LOVE that Africa one! I don't know her personally....but could probably track her down. She has an AMAZINGly inspiring story that has to do with her life in Africa...and adoption also! Learn more about Miriama Kallon at

Thanks for all the good you do!

Milo said...

Thank you so much for this post! I found your blog through Kelle Hampton's blog and have loved reading it ever since! (I also ordered my mom a necklace from your website for her birthday. Shh!! :) My little sister is adopted from China and her adoption has been the most amazing thing my family has ever experienced! She is such a sweet little girl who brings light to our lives! Emily, I pray that God will bless your family as you continue on your adoption journey!

- Morgan

Mama K said...

Wow!! I have always wanted 4 kids...and I've always wanted to adopt one from Africa! Brought it up to my husband the other night and he was all for it! So down the road I may need to ask you for advice Emily! :)

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

Thanks for linking!

I can certainly relate to the crazyness of life with lot of littles, and still feeling called to adopt. It has been a huge blessing for our family.

The Corsos said...

Love the sweet stories that our God writes...thank you for sharing yours!