Thursday, October 7, 2010

the good from the bad

My mother passing away this summer was a horrible thing.

But since then, we have gotten to see alot more of them...


My mom's passing shook our family and made us closer.

My brothers and I now text each other
and we are facebook friends.
There is even talk of getting Dad on facebook :)
We all try harder to see each other regularly.
They come to football games,
we have gone to basketball games,
or we just meet for dinner.

(We live 1 1/2 hours away from each other,
so this all takes a bit of planning and effort).

My brother Tad moved back home from Virginia last month
to be closer to the family. He's been helping Dad with home projects
and has been a great distraction :)

We have planned a family vacation over Thanksgiving
and we are ALL going-
(my Dad, my 3 brothers and their families)
to Disney for the week,
so no one is thinking about Mom not being there
to make her famous homemade noodles.
We are staying in a rent home all together,
swimming, playing cards, visiting Disney World
and just having fun together,
making memories,
and growing even closer.

And for that, Mom would be so happy :)


Cheri-Beri said...

Last Thanksgiving was my first Thanksgiving without my mom. Believe it or not, the anticipation was worse than the actual day. I hope your family has a wonderful time together :-)

Elizabeth said...

As my mom passed in January I understand the need to find a new way of doing things. Your post is so uplifting and loving...I wish for you a happy, happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Jessica said...

i think that is such a wonderful idea of going away for thanksgiving. my mom died in may 2006 of stomach cancer & in july my whole family (minus my oldest brother who was left in charge of dad's business) went on a family road trip/vacation to florida for 10 days. it was a great time to just be with each other & brighten our spirits since our mother's passing. i know you will all have a great time & it's great to see that your family is getting closer. i wish that were the same for my family. :( i think my mom was the glue that held us all together. i've tried so hard with me being the only girl to keep us together.. and it's pretty easy for me & my siblings, but it's hard with my dad because he hasn't fully grieved her, you know? but i know things will get better & that God holds us all in his hands.

Web Designz by Kristi said...

Count your blessings! My mother passed away 13 years ago this November - my brother 2 years before that - my dad and I are VERY close - and I am blessed with many friends and "family" - Your post was heartwarming! Hugs to you!

The Lowry Place said...

Having lost both my parents 2yrs apart suddenly. I can tell you that is awesome what your family is doing. I bet your momma is so very proud of you and your family for how you've come together the way you have. :-D

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet story!! Brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy your family!

Shorty said...

This brought tears to my eyes. My husband's grandpa passed away this spring, which was difficult because Hub's grandparents raised him. Since then we've spent a lot more time with Grandma, though, and even took her to the fair last weekend. :)

Celeste said...

Yes, I am most definitely sure that your mom is happy to see you all become so close. :) How amazing God is to be able to add-in some happiness amidst the sadness.

Life With the Crazies said...

This is a great blessing, and I'm so happy for you and your family that something positive is coming from such a great loss. What a fun memory this will be!

darcie said...

How lucky you are. I lost my mom this summer to a very brief battle with cancer.
My siblings and I, while we are trying a little harder...just don't have what other families have.
What a great gift to your mother - all of you together like this -
Have a great time -

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

Great post.. I am sorry for the loss of your mother, but thankful for your large family and the opportunity to be together!

Abbey said...

So sorry you are going through the fire too. My dad died suddenly one month ago and it feels like the earth shook, but yes it has tied my siblings, mom and I closer than ever even though I wouldn't have thought it possible as we've always been tight. Haven't begun to think of holiday plans yet...

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Such a sweet post and tribute, I believe your Mom would be so proud! Thank you for the reminder!

Barbara Wiser said...

Thank you for sharing about your mom. My son who had just turned 25 died unexpectedly on August I understand completley how your feeling.

Yesterday was my birthday. I had wonderful family and friends that kept me busy so I could enjoy the day as Allen would of liked. It is my first birthday not having him there to celebrate with me.

I too am closer to my siblings who also gave their unconditional support after he died...we are txting and calling more often too.

I'm hoping to order a necklace from your store with his name on it as soon as I'm up to will be a nice way to keep him close to my heart.

Keep up the great work...your jewelry is precious.

Thanks again for sharing,

Kristine Hanson said...

that is so nice you are getting closer, sometimes death does bring new life, even if that new life is a relationship...My 91 year old Grandpa just visited all of my family after my Grandma had passed in August, he had been her care giver for the past 10 years...we were saddened that she is gone but grateful that my Grandpa was able to see us.

All That Jazz said...

Sweet post about your mom, she is smiling down on you all! ;-)

twolittletots said...

What a sweet made me cry!
I hope your whole family has a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Sholpana said...

So kind post...Your mother was happy to have such children,be HAPPY!

AtOneWithHim said...

Such a sweet post. I wish all families could come together like that. I haven't talked to my parents or brothers and sister, nieces and nephews for 5 years this month. Long story obviously. It's one of those sad stories and leaves you wondering what went wrong. I chalk it up to deep differences in our faith.
Waiting on God to move a life and change a family. I am ready but are they?

Amy K said...

This is wonderful. I'm so happy for your family, even though it took a terrible loss to bring you all closer together.
Certainly your mom is smiling down on all of you...proud as can be!

A said...

She is smiling down on all of you!

aoi said...

We lost our Mom two years ago. Needless to say, losing our mothers is such a tremendous shock to everyone in the family.. Reading the post here made me feel warm inside, seeing that Erin's family are close together in heart as well as in distance. But our family is pretty scattered in many ways and one thing is that we are so far apart in where we live (Different countries). As the only girl in the family, I feel the calling to take on a new role here. After all, we girls are good at certain things than guys, like communication/conversation or connecting the dots...etc. Prayer for all the families out there going through a similar loss...

erin said...

thank you for all of the comments, I've loved reading them!

aoi, I'm now the only girl of the family as well, and you're right, we DO have the ability to take on a new role :)

Gini said...

I lost my mom suddenly on July 21, 2010, I have been devastated. She was my best friend and my mom and my heart still aches more than I can bear at times.

I do know that it has made our family closer in some ways too. I was her only daughter (only child) and both mom and I were just getting over the loss of her mother, my grandmother in April (I have had a double whammy)! It has brought me closer to my grandchildren and my daughter.

It's been a "Summer of Sadness." It very much shows the blessings you have in life and I know mom wants us to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas...she always made Christmas so very beautiful, I will continue that for her the best I can...she has passed the torch to me now.

I am so sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you. Enjoy the plans you have for the holiday's, I think it's wonderful.

Tina said...

This is beautiful and breaking my heart at the same time. It's hitting a bit too close to home right now.

I'm sorry for your loss :(

Jesmicwilmom said...

Losing my mom did the same for our family. Though it has been 7 years, we still miss her. But, we also changed some of our traditions and made new ones. Memories are sweet.

love said...

oh, my heart just hurt for you. i'm so glad that you are all living more intentionally now. your mom certainly does love that!

Yogi said...


Good afternoon. My mom is not in my life anymore but for very different reasons however it does not make her loss and absence any less painful.

I am sure that the most Magical place on earth with provide you and your family with many great memories.

God bless you and yours.

christina said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today while browsing the internet in search of a unique piece of jewelry. My mom also passed away very unexpectedly this summer, I also have 4 young children, I am the only daughter with 2 older brothers, and I am wondering how my family will manage the holidays this year. Thank you for the great idea of doing something totally different - making new memories.
Christina Johnson

K Bailey said...

There is a lady in OKC that will plan your DW trip to the smallest detail and makes all your dining reservations and everything for a very afforable price. Email me if you want info. kateebailey (@) We used her in September and I'd never go without using her.

Angie said...

I think this is a beautiful way to honor her life. AS moms, our family is the most important thing and this is exactly what your mom would want:)


bbbunch said...

Stumbled across your site last night and stayed up way too late window shopping ;)

I am so sorry about your Mom. Losing my Mom 2 years ago was heartbreaking. Every day I still want to call her, to tell her the funny thing one of the kids said, to tell her how much they weighed at their checkups. It hurts. The only way I've found to get through it (sane, anyway) is to find a new normal, new traditions, while honoring her memory. So glad to hear that your family is doing that. God bless.