Monday, October 4, 2010

the fair and a winner.

Sunday we took the kids to the fair,
played games
won a few little prizes,
rode a mechanical bull
and roller coasters,
ate funnel cakes
and corn dogs
and fudge,
shopped the booths,
people watched
and just soaked up the fair!

We had so much fun together :)


The randomly picked winner of the tvp logo tee is:

angela, who said: If you give a girl a t-shirt, she'll want a necklace to go with it. If you give a girl a necklace she'll want a bracelet to match. If you give the girl a bracelet to match, she'll admire it on her wrist, then see her bare arm and realize that she's wearing an awesome t-shirt. I love the navy one! Again, congrats on the store opening!

Email us Angela-


We don't have the tees on the site yet but if you are interested in one (they are $18 plus shipping) please email us ( with the color and size you are interested in. They fit snug (except the gray) so I would suggest getting a size larger than normal. (Gray you can get your normal size)


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Angela! I'm glad you won; your entry made me laugh.

Shorty said...

Awesome! I probably passed right by you at the fair and never realized it. We had fun too! :)

Celeste said...

What fun!!

* and, congrats to Anglea!

Alison Graham said...

what a funny, funny comment! i love it! (and isn't it true?!?!). hahahaha....GREAT pick of a winner! :-)

Trish said...

Kyle, my 14 yr old son went to our county fair last week...but he just goes to watch the cheer leading competition....geeezzzz!