Friday, April 30, 2010


it's friday :)

I have to admit that there are days that I secretly wish I could be a cat just for a day... and sleeeep all day like they do!


Lots of late nights up at the studio = lots of coffee :)

Workin' extra hard to get all of your mother's day orders out in time!


New pearl earring studs, are they so simply sweet?

You can get a free pair with your order today! Just leave us a note that says "i'm a stud" in the extra notes box when you check out! We will slip a pair on your package for you!


happy friday!


Crystal said...

oh i love those! look at me, planning ahead for mother's day with my order & now i miss out on a cute gift "studly" for myself. how did you know i JUST lost one of my pearl earrings? looks like i'll just have to force myself to do more shopping on your site ;) shucks...

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Dear Erin,
Oh, I can so relate having 3 cats and 4 kids. There are days I want to wrap the pillow around my head and pretend I'm a cat! Our kids are Grant (8), Max, Charlotte, and Benjamin (triplets age 5). They keep me very busy and blessed :).
I love your blog and your art!
Hugs and Happiness,
P.S. I married my college sweetheart too

Heidi Jo said...

so glad i ordered early and have my necklaces to wear for mother's day! i posted about it on my them!

Kathy said...

What BEAUTIFUL Pearl earrings!! And what a sweet giveaway! You're awesome Erin!!

Celeste said...

Oh - yes. There are many days when I wish I could be like a lazy kitty... unfortunately: that is usually not an option.

but, yes! Happy, Happy Friday!