Monday, March 1, 2010

a winner for Gussy and a discount code!

The winner of the $30 gift certificate to Gussy's shop is:

Jeannett, who said: NEED the laptop bag!, commented on her blog!, follow her on twitter!, and follow her blog!"

Congrats Jeannett! Email me!

Everyone else can get 20% off anything in Gussy's shop by using the discount code VINTAGEPEARL!!! She has new stuff stocked, go shop!


Goodnight moon said...

I just ordered 2 pouches...thank you!!!!!

Celeste said...

Woohoo Jeannett! :)

Unknown said...

Well maybe I didn't win but I still FEEL like a winner because I checked my tracking and my new necklace is out for delivery...I'm going to have it more waiting...the day is finally HERE! I'm so excited...not that you couldn't tell. Anyway congrats Jeannett!