Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday mornings

December to February we spend our Saturday mornings...

watching the boys play basketball :)


Jessica said...


Celeste said...

Fun! fun! fun!
I was actually at the elementary basketball for our school last night - cheering on some of the little guys in my kindergarten class :)

P.S. Erin - thanks to your post about your kitchen, we are actually going to get goin' on doing the backsplash in our kitchen! LOL
I sent you an email w/ what we're planning on doing - figured I send yet another idea your way!

Sandi said...

My boy is now a man. 22 years old February 4th. So many precious memories watching basketball from Kindergarten through High School. Cherish all of these moments!!
Love your blog, love your jewelry. (In fact hopeful that hubby ordered a necklace as requested for our 24th!! David and Sandi )
much love,