Monday, November 9, 2009

a winner and a very important letter.

The winner of the $35 store credit to Gussy's shop is Alysha Gray who said:

OMG!!! So excited for this giveaway!!! I have always been a fan of black and pink so I would have to say my all time fav is Ruffle Gus - Black Houndstooth Wallet with Pink Ruffle, However I think I wouldn't mind one of each!!!

email me Alysha!


Remeber what Caleb wants to be when he grows up?

caleb, age 8

Well he is starting his campaign early with this letter that he wants to mail to congress...

It says:

"I, Caleb, think that there shall not be anymore


So, I ask that you will talk to the other reprezenitives and mail me a letter and tell me if it is a law."

And then he drew a puppy dog.

I'd vote for him, wouldn't you?



Celeste said...

{Yay for Alysha!}

and... I big *YAY* for Caleb!! Caleb, I agree with you - and I am writing my representatives tonight in honor of you. (really, I am!!)

I would totally voted for you!
Keep it up!

Laura said...

I will write mine today too...thanks for the reminder Caleb

brenda gervais said...

So cute! An elephant, a donkey...why not a puppy dog???
Love your blog!

Ashleigh said...

No More Taxes - He SO has my vote!

Amykins said...

I'd be at the polls when they opened! What an awesome kid!

gina said...

no taxes AND pro puppies?

there's no one better for the job. :)

NancyG said...

He totally has my vote!!!

Patty's Stitches said...

You betcha!

SoozNooz said...


Jessica said...

Caleb For President! Finaly someone makes sense.:D