Tuesday, November 24, 2009

turkey treats!

Some turkey inspired treats to try, aren't they cute?

The perfect dessert on Thanksgiving! (besides pumpkin pie, of course!)

This one is my favorite... (and so yummy!)

Let me know if you try one and how it comes out! (sure to be the talk of the day!)

gobble gobble! (have a great day!)


Tiffany said...

Seriously cute!

aLena said...

Soooooo cute!!!

Definitely gotta try one of these desserts!

Celeste said...

A little boy in my kindergarten class made those turkey cupcakes for the class yesterday. :) He was quite proud of what he & his mommy created...and, I must say they were pretty tasty (:

Lisa said...

They make me laugh and look delicious too - the perfect dessert!

loriallen said...

Aodrable delicous! That's all I ahve to say about those delectible treats!!!

nic said...

oh my goodness, i LOVE these! they are almost too cute to eat. :)