Thursday, October 1, 2009

thank you mr. jack!

Our friend Jack had an old, unused playset sitting in his warehouse and asked if we wanted it. We said um, yes please! So over the weekend it was brought over, painted (almost looks new!) and put up in the backyard and it is fabulous!

The best thing- it has a genuine NASCAR tire for a tire swing! (the boys think this is so cool).

Thank you Jack!


Celeste said...

Oh my! How awesome is this?! :) Jack... you're a good friend to have.

Rory said...

Ok, we have been dying for a play/swingset. Every time we go to Jack Wills my daughter plays and plays and we have to drag her out crying. If Jack has another one, let us know!!!!!

JemJam said...

Great score!

Amanda said...

what a great friend you have!! that is so awesome!