Thursday, September 3, 2009

thursday randomness.


We are having a crazy busy week, whew!


(thank goodness tomorrow's friday)

Another oldie but goodie has been added to the website here!

I am loving this new cd from Whitney Fenimore...


Whitney is a family friend and she has a BEAUTIFUL voice. You can hear them on iTunes or here! If anyone is interested in purchasing one of her cd's please email me, I can hook you up :) You will love it!

Check back tomorrow for some fun!

Happy Thursday!


Jacky said...

Every time I see a picture of Eden, I get so happy. She is an adorable sweetie! =) Oh, and I looove that necklace! The square, the heart, the pearl...perfect!

Have a great Thurday! =D

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the necklace! So cute.

Amanda said...

Cute Eden! And love the new/old necklace! Beautiful!

PamperingBeki said...

Love that little Eden.
Love the necklace.
I'm sure I'd love the CD.

Love that you're my new BFF.

Happy Thursday!

Celeste said...

Thank goodness tomorrow IS Friday! {you are right!}

Love that necklace (:
And...I'm going to check out Whitney's music - thanks for the tip!

THE HAGES said...

Hi, You dont know me but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewlery! I am deciding what I want to order now. I am thinking Christmas for everyone! Just want you to know I am so excited to have heard about you! You are amazing talented! Thanks!

Heidi Hage

B.jane said...

I think this new design is my favorite!! day!


B.jane said...

maybe because I like squares and circles. Best of both worlds!!

Kelsy Nielson said...

Just found your site and LOVE your jewelery. I'm expecting a little one this winter and can not WAIT to get a necklace after I meet her.

Kristina said...

what a nice blog, lovely pictures! i check the etsy shop and you have many fabulous things there also!!!