Monday, August 3, 2009

through Jonah's eyes...

Ryan let Jonah take some pics with his phone camera on our roadtrip...

jonah's pictures

1. his sister sitting next to him.
2. Ryan and I talking (and yes, my feet are propped up on the dash board- I love to sit this way on long trips).
3. his stuffed lion that rode along for companionship.
4. a random out the window shot somewhere along the highway.

it's fun to see what he took pictures of :)


Miss Anne said...

isn't it interesting what they choose to capture?


p.s. i sit that way too. :)

Celeste said...

What fun!! :)

Ashley said...

my feet are ALWAYS on the dashboard, too. glad I am not alone. :)

Amanda said...

I sit like that too...even on shorter trips! DH hates it! He is always asking me to put my feet know incase we get in an accident and the air bag deploys! :)