Saturday, July 25, 2009

opposites attract and a winner!

opposites attract...

opposites attract

Ryan's coffee (left) next to mine.

Kinda looks like they are kissing :)


And, the winner of the "oval of love" necklace, randomly picked by the random number generator, is Marcia who said:

I would put my daughter's name and baby's name (still inutero!) on it!

Audrey and ??? (can't write it here because I have friends that post to you!) ;) Will tell you if I win! Ha! :)

~Marcia :) "

email me Marcia!


We are all trying to recoup from headcolds that swept through our house this week :P What is up with colds in the summer?! Hope you are all having a more exciting weekend than us!


Celeste said...

Congrats Marcia! :)
And, Erin - I love that photo, what a sweet composition :)

Angel said...

Yea Marcia! I'm so glad you won! LOL You are too sneaky girlfriend. Just think I could have found out what you are naming your precious baby girl #2!!! Can't wait to meet her. :)


Favors With Love said...

Congratulations!!! :)

Maggie Whitley said...

the coffee picture looks just like morning at our house! zack loves his black, i love mine loaded with cream. so glad i'm not alone ;)


Marcia said...

How exciting to come home from vacation and see this!!!! Thank you so much Erin!
Haha Angel...I knew there might be some sneaky eyes around here! ;)