Thursday, June 4, 2009



something totally new for me!

this tiny star (about 1/2") was hand molded out of sterling silver clay and then fired and polished. Each one is different and they are all gorgeously imperfect :)

you can customize with up to 4 letters, a name or a word or an initial.

bid on one here.

or just go buy one here!


and a fun story:

the girls and I went downtown this morning to deal with some sales tax paperwork (about and hour of paperwork-and-waiting-with-2-little-kids FUN).

they (especially Tessa) were soooooooo good. Tessa chased Eden around for me (Eden doesn't like to sit still in her stroller, she wants to move and flirt with everyone in the room- and so she did).

so as we were leaving we stopped at the little cafe downstairs and I bought Tessa some popcorn as a treat for being so good.

As we leave:

Tessa (age 4): "Mommy you were really good too."

me: "I was?"

Tessa: "yes. you were very well behaved."

me: "thanks."

Tessa: "when we get home I will get you a treat."

me: *snicker* "thanks Tessa."

Tessa: "you're welcome. thanks for being such a good girl."

the girl makes me smile :)


Carrie said...

That is absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing! The starlet necklace is adorable too. It looks like it would be a cute necklace for my daughter.

Amanda said...

that is so adorable!! (the story and the necklace!) gotta love the things kids say!

Anonymous said...

your work is gorgeous! thank you for bringing some beauty to people's lives.

Anonymous said...

What a cute necklace and a cute story!!

Bethany said...

Love it! All of it...the star and the story! Sweetness!

Nic said...

Just found your blog today . . . linked off of Joy's Hope. LOVE IT!! I'll be back! I love your designs as well.

Katy said...

I love the Starlet!!!
Cute story.

michiganhills said...

WOW! I came to your blog to look at your gorgeous jewelry and couldn't get enough of your beautiful photos! YOU have TALENT oozing all over the place!

Jodi said...

how cute - you are just too creative! love it!

Celeste said...

Love that sweet necklace and what a sweetie Tessa is! That is one story that is so great that you wrote down. It is one of those moments you'll always want to remember!

nicole said...

I love the star! I have been looking for a star that can be customized. I much prefer stars to hearts and circles. I will definitely putting a star on my wish list for my birthday, but I don't know what I want on it. Great work!