Thursday, April 16, 2009

just became a little "cooler"...

We love Air 1.

We listen to it ALOT- at home and in the car. They are doing their pledge drive and I pledged on behalf of my business a couple of days ago.

Because we love Air 1 :)

So this morning I'm helping Caleb brush his hair in the kitchen, the radio is on (Air 1, of course) but we're not really paying attention until we hear the dj say "the vintage pearl". We both froze, locked eyes and our jaws dropped to our feet as he is talking about my business.

On the air.

We stay frozen staring at each other til the dj is done talking and starts a song and I ask Caleb "did he really say "the vintage pearl?" "

Caleb: "Yes... Mom that is so cool. You're gonna get like thousands of orders today."


So we get in the car and we're driving to school and they say it again: "Erin of the vintage pearl from Oklahoma yada yada yada" basically using my pledge to help inspire others, and Caleb just grins at me and says:

"That is so cool. I'm gonna tell my teacher."

Which is a huge compliment from an 8 year old boy :)

Thank you Air 1, for great music, and for making me "cool".


pretty*in*pink*designs said...

How awesome! Bet that made your day and then some! As if you weren't famous enough already!

Ashley said...

Yea!! I love Air1, too. I really appreciate your openness about your faith. I pray God continues to bless you, your family and your business.

*jimaie.marie* said...

Aaaa so cool! I hope you DO gets lots of orders today!!
We have no Air 1 stations in our area so I listen to KLOVE but when I was younger we used to always attend Spirit West Coast and I always tuned in to Air 1 b/c it's in the area where they hold ours :D
I love that Caleb was proud of you, he's such a doll!

gina said...

You are way cool. Of course I knew that already, as your jewelry is the only stuff that my tween and teen will wear. :)

ps. I love your new header!

Laurie said...

We (heart) Air1 too! We gave last year on their pledge drive and they said 'Travis from Lubbock...'(my hubs) on the air and it was so exciting for us and the kids to hear! Good times!:)

Celeste said...

Oh my goodness Erin! That is so cool! :) We have a station in my area called the JoyFM...I should look into seeing if they have any fundraisers going on - thanks for the idea!!

Theresa said...

Very cool!

Is Air1 like your local KLOVE? We listen all the time. My son was singing Slow Fade at the top of his lungs in Michaels last week. :)