Friday, April 10, 2009

good friday sale!

The circle of love is on sale today here on the blog for just $28!

(That's $10 off the regular price!)

PERFECT for Mother's Day!

circle of love

just check out here...

Please type the names to go on your necklace (fits up to 5-6 names)

in the box below and then click on buy now!


Michelle said...

I just ordered mine!!! I only have one child so I put her name and her DOB on it instead :) What a TERRIFIC gift for Mother's Day! I'm going to make my husband wrap it and give it to me early though :) haha

Shannon said...

too bad i just ordered it on etsy ;)

Mommafo said...

Man!!! I really want this necklace but we can't decide on a name for our little guy due in July. :( :( :(

milk made baby said...

What a sweet necklace!

Vicki said...

I'm bummed that you're sold out of these... I was hoping to get one to celebrate our 1-month old Kasey, and one for my Mother as well... but I waited a day too long! Can you let me know if you get any more? Really enjoy your blog and photography... Thanks!