Monday, February 23, 2009

sweet treats...

Today is IvyLane's "sweets shoppe" launch on eBay!

I found some cute clay charms to make some pieces out of, it was fun to bead again, I don't bead very often anymore!

Isn't this little bunny soooo cute?

and these euro lollipops are super sweet!

Both are starting at just .99!!! Go HERE to see them!

Also, one of our bow girls Jamie of **jjbb** is giving away the CUTEST bubblegum bows on our blog...

Just go here to enter!


Celeste said...

Everything's adorbale Erin! :) Love 'em.

Beth said...

I absolutely love the bracelets with the charms. So cute! I will be checking in to see what else you do with them!