Friday, January 9, 2009

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Wouldn't you know that I would get sick right before our trip? I've been trying to stay positive and confess that I am healed, but I can barely talk, my throat hurts and my lower back really hurts. Makes it hard to get everything ready when I can barely bend over! So we may be heading to the doc today, in case there is some miracle pill they can give me. But a doctor's office with the 2 girls is not exactly easy, not sure I'm up for it today.

My voice is worse today, yesterday is was just raspy and Jonah tells me "you sound like Hannah Montana!" lol

So I'm hobbling around and can't talk, any doctors out there that can diagnose me?


I made a necklace yesterday to match a friend's outfit, I wanted it to look lke the butterfly was flying. In person it looks really cute, but then I went to edit the pics and all I could see was a butterfly that was poo-ing!!!


So that necklace has been scratched. Tessa likes it so I will let her wear it around the house :)


Off to pack, have a fun friday!!!


Katy said...

oh Erin! I am so sorry you are sick!!! I pray it isn't strep throat! I hope it is just a cold that can be easily treated! I realllly hope you can make it to the dr today!!!! Sending big hugs your way! xoxo

Cassie said...

That is HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing that:)

I was also going to tell you that after reading your "guest post" on the giveaway blog, I would LOVE for you to share some tips on how you balance creating jewelry, photography, family and house chores. I feel like I'm always battling the EXACT same things...but haven't figured out how to spread my time out. So add that to your many list of to do's:)

Love all of your work!

Betty said...

The butterfly necklace is absolutely adorable! I'm sure it looked just precious on her!

PamperingBeki said...

You're too funny! I don't think the butterfly looks like it's pooing, at all. haha!

Tammy said...

Feel better, Erin and have lots of FUN!

gina said...


I think if you put the first dot a little more to the right and loop it upwards you would better get flying... vs. poo-ing.

Get to the doctor's girlie- you don't want to need to go IN Florida!!

Lee Anne said...

I like the necklace too! A lot! Doesn't look like poo...but funny none the less.

Sorry about being sick. NOT FAIR! Do you have a kidney infection? What would that back pain be from? Not good. Hope you went in today.

Post before you go so we know if you are okay!

Lee Anne

Mo Fabulous said...

Oh I needed a laugh today. Thank you so much for that. You know what else I need??? That ring! So cute!!!

Stacey Moore said...

thanks for sharing! i have entered! hope your better soon! enjoy your trip! can't wait to see the pictures!

Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

i am hoping to win that fav

Barb said...

your ring is breathtaking,also love your photos............Barb

mollycupcakes said...

Beautiful ring and lovely blog.
Hello from Mollycupcakes x