Monday, December 15, 2008

stomach flus & ice storms...

Yesterday the kids were jumping on the trampoline in jeans and tee shirts.

Then an ice storm blew in and now:


School was cancelled.

The stomach flu made it's way through our house over the weekend as well, Caleb had it friday night and I was up with Tessa all night last night while she got through it.

She's lethargic but no longer throwing up :)

The boys are bouncing off the walls.

Caleb just came in and cut a big piece if duct tape with my scissors, who knows what he and Jonah are up to. *sigh*

Eden is trying to taste everything she can get her mouth on.

I will be trying my best today to finish more orders...

I've hit a few snags but am doing my best to get all orders out asap!

Hope everyone is healthy and warm :)


Rebekah said...

Eeew, sorry about the stomach flu. We got the ice last night - I was working at my dad's store, and had to thaw my car out before I could go home... oh, and I had to saw my gas-cap-flap-thingie open with a nailfile to get gas b/c I was on E!! Sheesh!

Katy said...

I bet the kids were excited for a day off school! :)

I am so sorry you all had the stomach flu! :( I had it this past Saturday and was awful. Luckily, no one in my family has gotten it too! :)