Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful...

that I overheard this random conversation today:

Caleb (age 7) yelling from his bedroom: hey Tessa!?

Tessa (age 4) answering from her bedroom: what?

Caleb: I love you!

Tessa: thank you! I love you googles googles!

Caleb: thank you!

This was totally random out of nowhere. I just happened to be walking by the bottom of the stairs and my mushy mommy heart just melted :)

ps... "I love you googles googles" is what our family says to each other, meaning I love you the MOST that I can since a google is the biggest number there is :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

reading about that made my breathe catch in my throat a bit. kids are lovely sometimes aren't they?

Sheyb said...

So cute!

gina said...

You don't want to miss -or forget!- moments like that! :) too sweet.

Katy said...

That is soo soo sweet! I love convos like that!!! Quite often I hear ~ "I hate my sister...." etc. (It's usually X. He doesn't really mean it. but when he gets mad...that is, of course, the thing he blurts out). I love the sweet moments that are totally random but soo meaningful! :)